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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Methyltrienolone Chemical Structure
BCP37553 Methyltrienolone 965-93-5
HIF2α-IN-2 Chemical Structure
BCP37538 HIF2α-IN-2 1672666-82-8
HIF-2α-IN-2 is a hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-2α) inhibitor (IC50: 16 nM in scintillation proximity assay).
RV 521 Chemical Structure
BCP37534 RV 521 1903763-82-5
RV 521 is a highly potent fusion inhibitor designed to treat RSV disease through target of a surface protein that mediates RSV binding to cellular receptors .
BDTX-189 Chemical Structure
BCP37532 BDTX-189 2414572-47-5
BDTX-189 is a potent, orally active and selective inhibitor of allosteric EGFR and HER2 oncogenic mutations, includes EGFR/HER2 exon 20 insertion mutants. BDTX-189 shows KDs of 0.2, 0.76, 13 and 1.2 nM for EGFR, HER2, BLK and RIPK2, reapectively. Anticancer activity.
Pradofloxacin Chemical Structure
BCP37544 Pradofloxacin 195532-12-8
Pradofloxacin is a 3rd generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic developed by Bayer HealthCare AG, Animal Health GmBH.
Pefloxacin mesylate dihydrate Chemical Structure
BCP37535 Pefloxacin mesylate dihydrate 149676-40-4
Pefloxacin Mesylate Dihydrate is the third generation of fluoroquinolone class of antibacterials, which inhibits Topoisomerase II activity and DNA replication.
Insulin Chemical Structure
BCP37517 Insulin 12584-58-6
ARS-1323-alkyne Chemical Structure
BCP33669 ARS-1323-alkyne 2436544-27-1
ARS-1323-Alkyne is a novel KRASG12C occupancy probe.
A-3 Hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP37347 A-3 Hydrochloride 78957-85-4
A-3 hydrochloride is an inhibitor of PKA, PKC, and casein kinase I and II, and MLCK.
FD-1080 Chemical Structure
BCP37213 FD-1080 1151666-58-8
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