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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
(Z)-Necrosulfonamide Chemical Structure
BCP25934 (Z)-Necrosulfonamide 1360614-48-7
Necrosulfonamide is a necroptosis inhibitor acting by selectively targeting the mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein (MLKL) to block the necrosome formation.
GW806742X Chemical Structure
BCP29591 GW806742X 579515-63-2
GW806742X is a small molecule MLKL (Mixed Lineage Kinase Domain-Like) interactor that binds the MLKL pseudokinase domain (Kd=9.3 uM), retards membrane association to inhibit necroptosis.
Cep1347 Chemical Structure
BCP16748 Cep1347 156177-65-0
CEP-1347 (KT-7515) is a potent and selective MLK inhibitor that completely rescues motoneurons and inhibits JNK1 activation with IC50 of 20 nM.
TC13172 Chemical Structure
BCP25145 TC13172 2093393-05-4
TC13172 is a mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein (MLKL) inhibitor with an EC50 value of 2 nM for HT-29 cells.
URMC-099 Chemical Structure
BCP11155 URMC-099 1229582-33-5
URMC-099 is an orally bioavailable, brain penetrant inhibitor of Mixed Lineage Kinase 3(MLK3) with IC50 of 14 nM; inhibits LPS-induced TNFα release in microglial cells, HIV-1 Tat-induced release of cytokines in human monocytes, and up-regulation of phospho-JNK in Tat-injected brains of mice.
Necrosulfonamide Chemical Structure
BCP18373 Necrosulfonamide 432531-71-0
Necrosulfonamide is a novel inhibitor of MLKL (mixed lineage kinase domain-like).
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