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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
AZD7624 Chemical Structure
BCP37429 AZD7624 1095004-78-6
AZD7624 is an inhaled p38 inhibitor, with potent anti-inflammatory activity.
trans-Zeatin Hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP36686 trans-Zeatin Hydrochloride 6025-81-6
trans-Zeatin Hydrochloride can be used in biological study and therapeutic use for plant-growth factors as cell-proliferating agents for promotion of wound healing.
TOPK inhibitor-1 Hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP24278 TOPK inhibitor-1 Hydrochloride 1338545-01-9
TOPK inhibitor-1 HCl is a novel PDZ binding kinase (PBK) inhibitor.
GNE-495 Chemical Structure
BCP36075 GNE-495 1449277-10-4
GNE-495 is a potent and selective MAP4K4 inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.7 nM.
Urolithin B Chemical Structure
BCP35736 Urolithin B 1139-83-9
Urolithin B belongs to the class of organic compounds known as coumarins and derivatives. These are polycyclic aromatic compounds containing a 1-benzopyran moiety with a ketone group at the C2 carbon atom (1-benzopyran-2-one). Urolithin b is considered to be a practically insoluble (in water) and relatively neutral molecule.
HI-TOPK-032 Chemical Structure
BCP35692 HI-TOPK-032 487020-03-1
HI TOPK 032 is a novel TOPK inhibitor as a T-LAK-cell-originated protein kinase (TOPK) inhibitor, blocking phosphorylation of the substrate histone H2AX with an IC50 value of ~2 μM and providing complete inhibition at 5 μM.
MW-150 Chemical Structure
BCP34874 MW-150 1628502-91-9
MW-150 is a novel potent, selective, CNS penetrant and orally active inhibitor of p38α MAPK with Ki of 101 nM
OTS514 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP34816 OTS514 hydrochloride 2319647-76-0
OTS514 is a highly potent TOPK(T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase) inhibitor with an IC50 value of 2.6 nM. OTS514 induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
5Z-7-Oxozeaenol Chemical Structure
BCP34467 5Z-7-Oxozeaenol 253863-19-3
5Z-7-Oxozeaenol is a covalent inhibitor that acts against the several protein kinases (e.g. ERK2 and TAK1) that possess a free cysteine at the gatekeeper-2 position.
DTP3 TFA Chemical Structure
DTP3 TFA is a potent and selective GADD45β/MKK7 (growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible β/mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 7) inhibitor.
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