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Beta catenin

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
NRX-252262 Chemical Structure
BCP36626 NRX-252262 2438637-61-5
NRX-252262 is a potent enhancer of the interaction between β-Catenin, and its cognate E3 ligase, SCFβ-TrCP, induces mutant β-catenin degradation, with an EC50 of 3.8 nM.
C-82 Chemical Structure
BCP35612 C-82 1422253-37-9
C-82 is a second-generation specific CBP/β-catenin antagonist, which inhibits the binding between β-catenin and CBP and increases the binding between β-catenin and p300.
KY1220 Chemical Structure
BCP34008 KY1220 292168-79-7
KY1220 is a small molecule that simultaneously degrades β-catenin and Ras by inhibition of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
Tegatrabetan Chemical Structure
BCP32893 Tegatrabetan 1227637-23-1
Tegatrabetan is a β-Catenin antagonist. Tegatrabetan disrupts the binding of β-catenin with the scaffold protein transducin β-like 1 (TBL1).
WIKI4 Chemical Structure
BCP15357 WIKI4 838818-26-1
WIKI4 is a potent inhibitor of Wnt/β-catenin signaling (EC50 ~ 75 nM); inhibits auto-ADP-ribosylation of tankyrase 2 (TNKS2) (IC50 ~15 nM).
IQ-1 Chemical Structure
BCP19305 IQ-1 331001-62-8
IQ-1 has many functions such as decreasing Wnt-stimulated phosphorylation, maintaining the pluripotency of murine ESCs, preventing PP2A/Nkd interaction and so on.
Cercosporin Chemical Structure
BCP23993 Cercosporin 35082-49-6
Cercosporin is a potent, selective competitive PKC inhibitor.
Toxoflavin Chemical Structure
BCP28886 Toxoflavin 84-82-2
PKF118-310 is a WNT-signaling modulator.
PRI-724 Chemical Structure
BCP02465 PRI-724 847591-62-2
PRI-724 is a potent, specific inhibitor of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway in cancer stem cells with potential antineoplastic activity.
Carnosic acid Chemical Structure
BCP03689 Carnosic acid 3650-09-7
Carnosic acid is a diterpenoid that acts as an effective lipid peroxidation inhibitor in liposomal and microsomal environments, with antioxidant properties.
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