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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
PC945 Chemical Structure
BCP36481 PC945 1931946-73-4
PC945, a potent, long-acting antifungal triazole, possesses activity against a broad range of both azole-susceptible and azole-resistant strains of Aspergillus fumigatus. PC945 is also a potent, tightly binding inhibitor of A. fumigatus sterol 14α-demethylase activity, CYP51A and CYP51B, with IC50s of 0.23 μM and 0.22 μM, respectively.
Leptomycin B Chemical Structure
BCP35974 Leptomycin B 87081-35-4
Leptomycin B is a potent inhibitor of the nuclear export of proteins. Leptomycin B inactivates CRM1/exportin 1 by covalent modification at a cysteine residue. Leptomycin B is a potent antifungal antibiotic blocking the eukaryotic cell cycle.
Fluxapyroxad Chemical Structure
BCP35466 Fluxapyroxad 907204-31-3
Fluxapyroxad is a broad-spectrum fungicide which inhibits the succinate dehydrogenase (SQR) enzyme.
Thifluzamide Chemical Structure
BCP35366 Thifluzamide 130000-40-7
Thifluzamide is a succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) with strong antifungal activity.
Amorolfine hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP35188 Amorolfine hydrochloride 78613-38-4
Amorolfine hydrochloride (Ro 14-4767/002) is a antifungal reagent.
5-Aminouridine Chemical Structure
BCP34981 5-Aminouridine 2149-76-0
5-Aminouridine can modify nucleobases and can be incorporated into the target DNA.
Filastatin Chemical Structure
BCP34800 Filastatin 431996-53-1
Filastatin is a long-lasting inhibitor of Candida albicans filamentation.
Tiadinil Chemical Structure
BCP33322 Tiadinil 223580-51-6
Tiadinil is a plant activator of systemic acquired resistance, boosts the production of herbivore-induced plant volatiles; insecticide agent.
Amisulbrom Chemical Structure
BCP33318 Amisulbrom 348635-87-0
Amisulbrom is a fungicide.
Flumorph Chemical Structure
BCP33317 Flumorph 211867-47-9
Flumorph(SYP-L190) is a carboxylic acid amide (CAA) fungicide.
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