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Shipping & Payment

For goods in stock: Immediate delivery will be arranged after confirming the order. Customers are expected to receive the item in 4-5 days.
For goods out of stock: Effective email will be replied in 24 hours with exact information of leading time.
All products will be delivered to your place by DHL or FedEx. Our sales person will keep you informed of the delivery information via email.
All inquiries will be dealt immediately by sales person with serious attitude.

Transportation stability

Transportation condition of Biochempartner reagent is based on principle that product quality would or not be affected in a short transit time, which would be different from its storage condition. Some Biochempartner product which quality will not be affected if it is not preserved under long-term storage condition in short transit time would be arranged the shipment in room temperature. For those product which is sensitive to storage temperature in short transit time, biological ice or dry ice would be needed during shipment and the incurred expense will be borne by Biochempartner.

Payment terms

All orders shall be executed by Bank Wire Transfer to Biochempartner. Customers are responsible for the entire bank handling fee.

If you have any suggestions, problems, or complaints regarding our products or services please let us know via orders@biochempartner.com . We always welcome your feedback and comments.

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