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How to Order?

Finding the item required
You can search via the ‘Title Search’ tool( located in the top center?of the website)?to find the products you want.

Search?words could be CAS#, Product Name or Catalog#?named by Biochempartner.

This tool will give you a collection of all of the compounds relevant to your specific needs and then you can view full details of any product you are interested in.

Placing your order
If you make sure to purchase our item, please send your order information to?Customer Service?via orders@biochempartner.com containing the following information:
Product Name

Specification CAS#, Catalog#, Quantity,Purity etc

Contact information

Delivery address

Order Offline

·Email: orders@biochempartner.com
·Online Chat(Skype):Candyhe0818

Thank you for your order !

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